Veronica Hernandez

Program Assistant Supervisor

Why This Work is Important To Me

I like helping people. I like being part of a team that helps a vulnerable group in society. I try my best to be an ally to our clients. EL&A is enjoyable to work for. I like being a part of a team that respects one another.


Veronica helps clients take advantage of EL&A’s services, from creating intakes to connecting clients to attorneys. She is responsible for answering incoming calls—often around 50 per day! Veronica cares deeply about helping seniors in need and ensures callers understand all the service and program options available. She also provides Spanish translation and assists in creating program policies.

Veronica is an artist and spends most of her free time painting. When she’s not dedicating herself to creative pursuits, Veronica enjoys walking her dogs, running, doing yoga, or taking a boxing class.