Sophie Exdell

HICAP Assistant Program Manager & Volunteer Coordinator

Why This Work is Important To Me

I believe everyone should have access to affordable health care, and I am grateful to work for a program that helps people get the care they need and navigate today’s complex health care system.


Sophie helps lead the HICAP team and keeps everyone up-to-date on recent healthcare legislation. She also manages training materials, comparison charts, and fact sheets. Sophie is responsible for coordinating counseling services and ensuring client satisfaction.

Sophie earned a Master of Public Health degree and worked in other aging programs for over ten years. This experience gave her additional insight into the complex issues seniors face.

Sophie has been part of the HICAP program for nearly a decade and is passionate about its impact on the community. She finds opportunities to grow the program, broaden its reach, and expand local partnerships as part of our community’s collective efforts toward equity and justice.

Sophie and her fiance embrace the homebody lifestyle with their dog, Benze—an aging lap dog who prefers constant companionship. When she ventures out, Sophie likes to spend time with friends and explore the city by bike. She also loves taking local trips in Southern California and Baja Mexico.