H. Ronald Domnitz

Board Member

Why I Joined the Board

After spending two years volunteering my services as an attorney and witnessing the dedication of the staff attorneys, I wanted to continue my association with EL&A after I fully retired.


Judge Domnitz is a retired San Diego Superior Court Judge with 35 years of service on the bench. He was the Presiding Municipal Court Judge for four separate terms and was elected to California Judges Association Executive Board. Judge Domnitz served as a mediator and pro bono attorney for EL&A until his full retirement in 2022.

Judge Domnitz has been active in charitable work, both locally and abroad. He served as the representative of the American Bar Association in Bosnia and Ukraine during the Rule of Law Program. Ronald was a keynote speaker at the first Ukrainian Judges Assoc meeting in Kyiv and traveled throughout both countries, holding seminars on The Independence of the Judiciary.

In San Diego, Judge Domnitz was an original member of The Clare Burgengor Foundation for Disabled Children and a pro bono advocate for parents of disabled children in educational matters.

Judge Domnitz is an avid traveler. So far, Paris is his favorite city, and Petra and the Nile were his most exciting trips.