Maria I. Garcia

HICAP Counselor

Why This Work is Important To Me

I’m excited to get up and go to work in the morning, knowing that I will have an opportunity to help clients with their issues and assist them in making well-informed decisions. I believe in this mission because we are protecting our clients from making wrong choices by keeping our clients well informed.


Maria helps clients solve problems around Medicare, from premiums to billing to appeals. With close to two decades at EL&A, she has deep experience and a positive attitude. Maria focuses on treating every senior with kindness and undivided attention.

Whenever possible, Maria will go the extra mile to help clients out. She has even personally applied for Medicare assistance on the client’s behalf.

Maria loves to spend time with her daughters. Together, they enjoy trying new food and going to movies. She enjoys numerous hobbies, including time at the beach, walking the dog, jogging, and trying new soup recipes. Maria also likes to read poems and watch Disney movies.