Madison Kovall

Staff Attorney

Why This Work is Important To Me

It is extremely rewarding to assist the elderly population—one largely neglected by the legal profession for too long. Since a society is only as strong as its most vulnerable members, we should all endeavor to protect those who are the go-to target for scammers and unscrupulous landlords alike.

Practice Areas

Residential Landlord-Tenant Law

Mobilehome Residency Law


Madison specializes in legal topics around housing for underserved seniors. She provides legal advice, writes letters and requests, and reviews lease agreements and notices. After graduating from law school, Madison became a California-licensed real estate agent. This certification has given her additional insight into real property and landlord-tenant law, practice areas prominent in elder law cases.

When Madison is not directly working with clients, she keeps busy in many other ways. She assists in training and supervising law students, handles grant requirements and reporting, and presents educational webinars for the community.

Madison values work ethic and effective communication—skills she learned in the hospitality industry before practicing law.

In her free time, she volunteers as a landscape designer with Habitat-for-Humanity. Madison also enjoys traveling and trying new recipes from the NYT cooking app. Otherwise, you’ll find her at an Orangetheory workout, hiking, or snowboarding.