Laurie J. Catron

Board President

Why I Joined the Board

I love the commitment of the staff and my fellow board members. And I believe heartily in our mission, in particular, “We serve seniors by helping them to defend their legal rights and preserve their respected place in the community.” It is a privilege to be involved.


Laurie is a retired San Diego attorney. After graduating from the Washington College of Law in DC, Laurie specialized in estate planning, probate, and trust administration. She retired in March of 2020.

Before becoming an attorney, Laurie was a nurse. She served in the Navy for four years after college and then worked in an emergency room and ICUs for the next four years.

In addition to her work with EL&A, Laurie volunteers at an agency called Support the Enlisted Project, dedicated to helping active duty enlistees with credit or insolvency issues.

Laurie loves to travel. Following two years of no travel due to the pandemic, she is now making up for the lost time. Laurie recently went on a safari in Tanzania, hiked the Inner Hebrides in Scotland, and toured Portugal. She’s looking forward to spending time in Australia next.