Jenna MacRae

Attorney / Director of Fund & Program Development

Why This Work is Important To Me

As Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’ We are helping people who may not otherwise have access to justice.

Practice Areas

Elder Abuse

Medical-Legal Partnerships


Jenna leads the team in pursuing funding and developing programs. She supervises the legal services attorneys, develops training materials, and manages Medical-Legal Partnerships.

Over her time at EL&A, Jenna has worked in legal services, HICAP, and elder abuse prevention. By spending time in a variety of programs, Jenna has developed a deep understanding of the issues vulnerable seniors face.

Jenna is especially passionate about preventing elder abuse. In 2018, she developed EL&A’s elder abuse program. Jenna worked as the lead attorney educating the community and helping victims get elder abuse restraining orders. This program allowed her to develop expertise in legal issues surrounding elder abuse and to appreciate clients’ many obstacles to justice.

When she’s not helping other people, Jenna likes to spend time walking on the beach or whipping up a batch of delicious muffins.