David Schwartz

Staff Attorney

Why This Work is Important To Me

Since I started law school, I wanted to make sure that my degree went toward enriching my community, not myself. Since I first started as an intern with Elder Law & Advocacy, it was clear that working here was a great way to enrich the community.

Practice Areas

Probate Conservatorships & Guardianships

Debt Counseling for Retired Persons


David spends most of his days in one-on-one legal counseling with clients. He has versatile capabilities and splits his time between several programs, from legal services to working with caregivers to providing legal support on Medicare issues. David is committed to helping seniors get the support they need and deserve.

After years of running a Conservatorship & Guardianship Clinic, David has a unique perspective on the topic and brings this expertise into his work.

In his free time, David loves to cook. His favorite dish to prepare is an untitled pie combining several delicious flavors: pecan pie, chocolate chip pie, and shoo-fly pie.