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Caleb Logan

Staff Attorney

Why This Work is Important To Me

I have the opportunity to give light to seniors facing the toughest of times. However complicated the situation may be, I can walk alongside clients and give them a voice as they process their struggles.

Practice Areas

Elder Abuse Restraining Orders

Financial Abuse Litigation (Civil Litigation)

Consumer Law


Caleb supports victims of all types of elder abuse. An early focus of his involved preparing restraining orders to combat physical and emotional abuse. He has continued serving victims in civil litigation by working on nursing home cases involving neglect and elder financial abuse cases rife with fraud and deceit.

Caleb is active with the California Low-Income Consumer Coalition—an organization committed to legislative advocacy for low-income individuals. He supports the organization by preparing suggested bills and research to present to state legislators. The California legislature is currently considering one such bill, SB 278, which will clarify the state’s elder abuse laws and protect our seniors.

From the beginning of his legal career, Caleb has been passionate about issues seniors face. He enjoys delving into complex legal matters and solving problems—all with the goal of giving seniors a voice.

When he’s not helping seniors, Caleb likes to stay physically active by running, hiking, and walking. You may also find him baking an assortment of goods, from coffeecakes to cinnamon rolls to pizza.