Advocacy For Nursing Home Residents

Nursing Home Rights Enforcement Project (NHREP)

Nursing home residents can be at risk for mistreatment.

95% of nursing home residents have been neglected or have witnessed neglect.

1 in 3 nursing home staff admitted to emotionally abusing residents.

1 in 5 ER visits among nursing home residents was attributed to abuse or neglect.

An increasing number of people require skilled care each year. As facilities fill up, abuse and neglect can increase. Staff are responsible for ensuring the well-being of residents, and long-term negligence can cause serious health issues.

While there are many caring staff members and quality facilities, there are also facilities where mistreatment goes under the radar, risking residents’ well-being.

We advocate for quality care.

We protect the rights of seniors who have been neglected or abused in skilled care facilities.

Our goal is to give a voice to vulnerable seniors and motivate nursing homes to provide adequate care for their residents. Our experienced elder law attorneys approach each case empathetically, with the goal of keeping seniors safe.

How We Help

NHREP is a program dedicated to legal advocacy for mistreated long-term care residents. We represent victims of abuse and encourage facilities to provide a better standard of care for seniors.

Early intervention to address serious health-related care concerns

Monitoring of resident health during intervention

Ongoing contact with patient residents and their family caregivers

Litigation services to address the physical, mental, psychological, and financial harm from serious nursing home neglect and abuse

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Our legal services team is made up of ten elder law attorneys, plus a friendly support team of people who are passionate about protecting seniors.

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