Checklist for Documents To Keep Up-To-Date

1. Update your will or living trust.

Review your will or trust for any life change, such as a birth, death, marriage, or a move to a different state.

2. Review your retirement plan beneficiaries.

Consider adding or including a portion for a charitable organization like EL&A.

3. Review your life insurance policy.

If you have a policy you don’t need, consider assigning ownership to a nonprofit organization.

4. Durable power of attorney.

Make sure your durable powers of attorney for financial matters and health care are current and documented with your doctor, hospital, and individuals named in these documents.

5. Safe deposit box.

Catalog the contents of your safe deposit box. Give a written copy to a trusted family member and note any items you are holding for someone else.

6. Bank or brokerage accounts.

Name designated heirs or a charity of your choice as a recipient of bank or brokerage account proceeds upon your death.*

7. Charitable contributions.

If you’ve included a gift to Elder EL&A in your estate plan, review the details of your gift and let us—and your loved ones—know of your intentions.

*State laws govern payable-on-death accounts and transfer-on-death accounts. Please consult with your bank representative or investment advisor if you are considering these gifts.



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