Pablo Corona

Community Outreach Representative

Why This Work is Important To Me

Growing up I had very little contact with my grandparents because they lived in Mexico. I cherished the few moments we had together. It was these experiences that made me realize how an older adult (even though they are as independent as can be) may still need help in different areas of life. I am inspired by my grandparents to help other people while fulfilling our mission statement.


Pablo spreads the word about EL&A’s free, unbiased Medicare counseling services. In this role, he plans and participates in local community events and connects with other organizations serving seniors. His goal is to increase local awareness of HICAP and to provide individuals and organizations with free education about Medicare.

Pablo also works directly with clients. With years of experience in retail, public service, and other nonprofit organizations, he has developed a passion for providing excellent client service.

Pablo enjoys listening to music while cooking his favorite dish—chicken, steak, or shrimp fajitas (sometimes all 3). He also enjoys participating in auto-driving experiences in a safe and closed-course environment.