David Weil

HICAP Program Manager

Why This Work is Important To Me

I like working with dedicated, talented people who share the desire to provide the best services and most helpful information to our constituents about some very complex and difficult issues and programs.


David is responsible for everything that happens within the HICAP program. He ensures the program meets the needs of seniors and people with disabilities. David’s goal is for each person to feel more equipped to make the right healthcare decisions.

As program manager, David oversees staff and volunteers and equips them with the training and tools they need to help people navigate Medicare. He also is responsible for communicating with the public and media.

With 15 years of experience overseeing the HICAP team, David knows the challenges that seniors and people with disabilities face. He’s passionate about simplifying complex issues and providing high-quality services.

David enjoys nature walks and keeping up with technology in his free time. He also likes to cook when it turns out edible!